The Polar Research and Education Library (PREL) is a special library founded by Elena Adasheva in 2022. The Library focuses on social sciences and humanities of the Polar regions. We collect books and other materials on the Arctic and Antarctic in the following disciplines and genres: social sciences, political science and international relations, regional history, history of science and expeditions, society and environment, Indigenous studies, ethnography, travel writing and poetry, art and humanities. 

The Polar Research and Education Library contributes to polar education and dissemination of knowledge about the Arctic and Antarctic. The Library’s curated collection supports research and education projects by PREL associates. Our librarians and associates give lectures and presentations, write book and film reviews, curate book exhibitions, organize film screenings, book readings and talks.

*In the future, the PREL will become part of the Polar Research and Education Initiative (PREI), currently under development.